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Revenue Engine Podcast

Feb 25, 2022

Carissa Reiniger is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses. Her sister companies, Small Biz Silver Lining and Silver Lining Finance, work with businesses to build their financial plans and help them grow sustainably. She has also stepped into an advisor role with AMP, an accelerator, technology studio, and community that seeks to remedy equity disparities in entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Carissa is the Founder of The Impact 5X Project, an extension of Silver Lining that continues her mission of giving equal access to more small business owners across the globe. Before her time as an entrepreneur, she gained experience in business development at TBWA\Chiat\Day and as an Account Manager at Inventa.

In this episode…

Every small business that succeeds is its own miracle. The combination of a difficult economy, fierce competition, shifting strategies, and more make it challenging to get any company off the ground. What’s more, not every entrepreneur is given the same access and opportunities. This makes any advantage or helping hand invaluable for a growing business. One person who is actively lending a hand is Carissa Reiniger.

Carissa is the Founder of Small Biz Silver Lining and its sister company, Silver Lining Finance. Both are dedicated to nurturing and assisting small businesses, ensuring they reach their goals, and helping them flourish. She’s been working in this capacity for more than 15 years and has guided thousands of companies to success. If anyone knows how to grow a small business, it’s her.

Alex Gluz sits down with Carissa Reiniger, the Founder of Small Biz Silver Lining, to discuss small businesses and how they can achieve their goals. They go over the mission and philosophy behind Silver Lining and dive into the technology they use to track behaviors and encourage growth. Then, Carissa shares her top recommendations and tips for small businesses looking to maintain their success. Check out this episode of the Revenue Engine Podcast to hear all of this and more.